Summer Things to Do

Beach Vibes & Boardwalk Joy Rides in Carolina Beach

Hit the shore with a colorful summer vacation to Carolina Beach where good times and good vibes are easy to come by. Stroll along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk and enjoy weekly fireworks and high-flying amusement rides. Experience Carolina Beach by sea, with a variety of watersports and cruises to enjoy, or by land at one of the island’s parks or during an outdoor excursion. Stay original with the best of a North Carolina beach experience from the past with a fun, family-friendly spin for today.

Step outside the ordinary and into the authenticity and free-spirited adventure of Carolina Beach, where each sense will be engaged to create an experience only found in our laid-back beach town. Discover the vibrant sights and sounds, savor island flavors and feel the rush of trying something new during your next beach vacation.

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